Don't give up
With the silver cup
Don't settle for second best
Don't give in
It'd be a sin
You're better than the best

Verse 1
It breaks my heart
To see you now
Lost and alone
Whilst we're apart
I'll keep a vow
I'll make you my own

Verse 2
What can I do
It breaks my heart
To see you in such pain
If I care for you
Could you make a start
Could you learn to love again

Verse 3
I am on my way
Home to you
I'm leaving here today
I'll always stay
Close to you
I'll never go away


Verse 1
Don't take this the wrong way
I've been here since break of day
Looking at your sweetly sleeping head
Don't take this the wrong way
I don't want to go away
Wanna stay with you in our double bed

And it's all so simple
And it's all so true
I wanna spend my lifetime
Lying here with you

Verse 2
Don't take this the wrong way
But I can't let you go away
Wanna watch you here my whole life through
Don't take this the wrong way
But how can I ever say
Just what I feel for you

Verse 3
Don't take this the wrong way
But you'll be mine always
Here beside me through the night
Don't take this the wrong way
By your side I'm gonna stay
I'll be your own night light


Don't tell me
We'll try it again
Don't tell me
You're my friend
Don't tell me
You are true
Don't tell me
I'm good for you

I can see
You're cheating on me
I can see
You wanna be free
I can see
Your black heart lies
I can see
The truth in your eyes

Don't tell me
You like my mum
Don't tell me
You acted dumb
Don't tell me
You love me so
I tell you
You gotta go.

Don't tell me
Your pretty lil' lies
Don't tell me
Your alibis
Don't tell me
That you love me
Don't tell me
'cos I can see


Verse 1
Because I'm young they think I'm dumb
Doodah doodah
Treat me just like a bum
Doodah doodah dey

Verse 2
Now I'm free I'm gonna fly
Doodah doodah
Write my name 'cross the sky
Doodah doodah dey

Verse 3
Can't keep pushing, pushing me round
Doodah doodah
Look at all the friends I've found
Doodah doodah dey

Verse 4
No-one trying to soft-soap me
Doodah doodah
Now I see that I am free
Doodah doodah dey

Verse 5
So step aside and let me through
Doodah doodah
Cos I've got no time for you
Doodah doodah dey


Verse 1
When I look in my drink
I only think
Of you
Think of all the good things
You and I
Can do
Remember all the good days
When our love was new
Remember til the day I die
The hot nights
With you

Without you
I got nothing to do
You know it's true
That I love you
Like Dr. Who

Verse 2
We didn't care who came and saw
Didn't care
At all
Showed our love everywhere
'Gainst the wall
And now you say you'll stay with me
Keeping me warm at night
I'm just so happy you came
Into my life


You've gotta
Drop dead gorgeous
I've had enough of you
Drop dead gorgeous
You and me are through

Verse 1
Only one time
You made a fool
Of a girl like me
Only one time
That's my rule
Won't have two or three

Verse 2
You played around
You got caught
With my best friend
So you see
It's gotta be
We've reached the end


Verse 1
I don't care
For my school
No-one's gonna teach me
To be a fool
I don't care
If I flunk out
Cos I know
What it's all about

Verse 2
I don't know
'Bout Maggie's books
I didn't inherit
Homer's looks
I don't know
But I know I can
If you don't like it
Eat my shorts man

Verse 3
I don't need
My mum's hair
No-one said
That life is fair
I don't need
Nothing man
If you don't like it
Eat my shorts man


Verse 1
I think I'll go back to Edenbridge
And rest my weary head
I was a boy in Edenbridge
Happy in my bed

But the great big city
Got the best of me
It's a crying pity
I never did get free

Verse 2
I can roam the fields
Try to forget you
Get down and kneel
Pray to get me through

Verse 3
Gonna see my Mamma
Eat her homemade food
Then little by little
I'll get over you


Farewell my lovely
Farewell my friends
We're goin nowhere
And so it ends

Too many heartaches
Too many tears
Too many bad breaks
Too many fears..

I need a new love
I need a new start
Goodbye to you love
Don't break your heart.

I'm gone tomorrow
I'm gone long way
Goodbye to sorrow
I'm goin away

Can't seem to take it
Can't seem to see
Can't keep fakin it
I need to be free.

Wake up tomorrow
Don't sleep too long
No need for sorrow
Cos I'm long gone.


Verse 1
Fly by night
Run by day
Gotta get
Get away
Way from you
And what you do
Into the night
Don't wanna fight
Wanna getta
Get away

Verse 2
Gotta run
Gotta hide
Don't want you
On the ride
Been too long
Been too slow
Just gotta go
Wanna getta
Get away

Verse 3
Just got to go
Just won't stop
Guess I'll run
Till I drop
Won't stay here
Need new home
Guess I'll just roam
Wanna getta
Get away


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