I want to dance in the sand
Of a hot dry land
Far away from home
I wanna dance in the sand
Under palm trees
And never think of home

Verse 1
I want to play on my yacht
The biggest they got
In a tropical paradise
I want to play in a pool
Forget the rules
Wouldn't it be nice

Verse 2
I want to run through the surf
At the end of the earth
Footsteps in the sand
I want to get all the toys
That girls give the boys
Running hand in hand

Verse 3
I want to laugh like a clown
And burn down this town
Since you went away
I want to see you once more
Walk through my door
Please don't waste another day

I WISH Quite fast with a very regular thumping bass.

You gotta let me rest
I gotta think
Don't wanna test
Don't wanna drink
Wanna get away
You know it's true
Can't take another day
Of what you do
Gonna need a lawyer to sort my head
Gotta get another girl
In my bed.

I wish I'd never met a girl like you
I wish I'd never had a dream come true
I wish I just knew what to do
I wish I didn't have a need for you.

In the morning I just sit
Head in hands
I don't need no hit
No wedding bands
Gotta drop you girl before I go
Gotta show the world
I ain't so low
When daylight comes I wanna be
Far away
Girl can't you see

I'll call you again
Tomorrow night
I'll have seen
The freeway lights
Call you from a truckstop
Telephone booth
Miles of blacktop
Tell the truth
Had to get away
You know it too
Couldn't spend my days
With only you


Verse 1
I'm gonna go to Timbuktu
I'm gonna go to look for you
I'm gonna search the desert sand
I'm gonna swim across dry land
I'm gonna fly through the sky
And only you know why
I'm gonna go bananas

Verse 2
I'm gonna search high and low
I know where to go
I'm gonna look, gonna seek
I'm gonna climb the highest peak
I'm gonna keep on getting by
And only you can know why
I'm gonna go bananas

Verse 3
I'm gonna drive across a park
I'm gonna look in the dark
I'm gonna go, I'm gonna run
I'm never gonna say you won
I'll keep on getting high
And only you know why
And now I've gone bananas


Verse 1
I'd give anything
I'd give everything
I'd give anything
In my power
Just to hold you
Another hour
I'd give anything
I'd give everything
I'd give anything
For you to stay
Beside me
Another day
I'd give anything
I'd give everything
I ever knew
To stay here
Alone with you
I'd give anything
I'd give everything
I'd give anything
I'd ever need
To hold you
I'll take your lead
I'd give anything
I'd give everything
I'd give anything
To keep you here
Stay with me
Til the morning
Wipe away the tears
I'd give anything
I'd give everything
I'd give anything
If you would say
You won't leave
Til the morning
Won't go away
I'd give anything
I'd give everything
I'd give anything
I'd give the day
If you say
That you love me
And you're gonna stay


Verse 1
I know how it feels
I have been there too
Never a fair deal
By I'll be here for you

Verse 2
I know how it feels
When all your dreams just die
And you know it's for real
By the tears in your eye

Verse 3
I know how it feels
When the centre cannot hold
Let me make a deal
I'll keep you from the cold

Verse 4
I know how it feels
When all you love is gone
And the horror is all real
I'll keep you keeping on


Verse 1
I'm a banana
Long and tapering
You're a guava
Let me taste your skin

Verse 2
Life's a mango
Sometimes green and sometimes red
But what do I know
I can't get inside your head

Verse 3
Night's a black grape
Sweet but with a seed
This is my landscape
A landscape of my needs

Verse 4
Take my pollen
Like a bee to a flower
Please do it often
Forbidden fruit is ours


I'm comin' home now
I'm comin' home now
I'm comin' home now
I'm comin' home to you

The day has come
And I think of you
Comin' home
You know it's true

Been away
From your heart
Stay with you
Not going to part

Foreign lands
Far from friend
Never thought
It was going to end

Soon I'll be
Outside your door
Never going
Away no more


I'm not going to
Hold you down
Turn you around
Run around and leave you
I'm not going to
Cramp your style
Stop your smile
Tell my friends about you

Verse 1
You were the one
I've wanted long
I need you here
Beside me
You and me
It had to be
I want you here
Beside me

Verse 2
Till break of day
Here I'll stay
I need your love
Beside me
Never go
Oh no no
I need you here
Beside me


Verse 1
I'm so cool
The people say
Man you're cool
But I say
You're a fool
Get away
Is my rule
I can't stay

People point
People stare
I'm amazed
I'm so aware

Verse 2
I'm so cool
It ain't fair
You are ray tool
Just so square
I'm so cool
I walk on air
I'm no-one's fool
Cos cool's nowhere


Verse 1
I'm the one
Born to run
Watch the sky
Floating by
You're the one
Let us run
Cross the sea
We'll be free

Verse 2
Just can't stay
Get away
'Way from here
Shed no tear
You can't wait
Can't be late
Oh you know
We gotta go

Verse 3
Hold on tight
See the light
Far away
Another day
Another life
No more strife
I love you
You know I do


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