Verse 1
I gave you everything
I gave you all I had
You gave me nothing
Only made me sad

I guess no-one
Knows your name
When you walk
The street of shame

Verse 2
I guess I should have known
Right from the start
Not give my love away
To someone with no heart

Verse 3
Now I know much better
But much too late
You made me bitter
You made me hate


Verse 1
The flames tonight
Are shooting stars
Because tonight
Venus loves Mars

Verse 2
You light me up
You are burning bright
Hold me tight
Through the night

Verse 3
No black holes
I'm going over
Tonight I am
A supernova


Verse 1
Some like to rock
Some like to roll
Some like to play in the dark
But I know I
And I know you
Wanna do it in the dark

Wherever we are
Late at night
Doing what we can
I want you
To keep real still
And take it like a man

Verse 2
I like to rock
I like to roll
I like to play in the park
But when you
Get on the bench
I wanna do it in the dark


Verse 1
My teardrops
Fall like rain
Down your dirty
Window pane

Verse 2
I saw red
Red and sore
More sore than
They've been before

Verse 3
All because
You left me
Told me that
You had to be free

Verse 4
Can't you hear
Can't you see
What my love
Is doing to me

Verse 5
Now I see you
At my door
Have you come
To hurt some more

Verse 6
Say you're sad
Say you're blue
Said not a
Word was true

Verse 7
Take me back
I hear you say
I'll stay with you
Every day

Verse 8
You've gotta go
You can't stay
Can't you see
I've gone away

(Repeat 1st verse)


Here I go again
Talking with my friends
Tell them what I feel
Is only real
But I can't get to you
My words just pass through
I know you have a story
To tell

Won't you
Tell me your story
Tell me 'bout the glory
Tell me 'bout the love affairs that died
Won't you
Tell me your story
Just tell me your story
Tell me why you love another guy

Will I ever know
Just what hurt you so
Why can't you
Tell me what's true
Tell me what is real
Tell me how you feel
I know you have a story
To tell



So I sat down and cried
For the dream that died
My eyes opened wide
I gotta go gotta hide

It was so sweet
It was so strong
Our love
Would just go on
But I came home
To find you gone
You gotta know
I can't go on

You left me
You didn't say
That you would
Go away
Please come back
Come back and stay
Help to turn
My night today


I was working in a shop
Down the block
Day by day
Life slipping away
Working the till
Till I was ill
Walked the floor
To the door
When in he came
From the rain.

What he says with his tongue
Goes on too long
What he does with his lips
His snaking hips
Raise me to the skies
But oh those eyes
The eyes have it
The eyes have it for me.

In the dark
to the park
Neath the skies
Told me lies
Cold dark trees
Trembling knees
Loved so hard
We saw stars
Couldn't last
Went so fast.


Now you're gone
I linger on
In my mind
I was blind
You couldn't stay
Went away
All alone
Far from home
But I still dream
And I still scream
The eyes have it
The eyes have it for me.


Verse 1
I'll take the high road
To the end of the land
And look for an island of my own
I'll take that road
And if you take my hand
We'll build a life of our own

Verse 2
We'll go where no-one goes
We'll sleep where no-one stares
We'll live and love as best as we can
And when the sun goes down
We'll know what we've found
A love that wasn't built in the sand

Verse 3
And when we're old and grey
And kids have left home
We'll think of our life in the sun
We'll hold our hands again
And remember life back then
Days when love wouldn't walk just run


When I left home
My papa said
Get some thought
In your head
Remember girls
Like to jig
It's a good job boy
You're getting big

Oh hokey pokey pokey
Oh hokey pokey pokey
Oh hokey pokey pokey
Oh hokey pokey pokey
In out in out
N' sake it all about

When I go out
On the town
The girls all like
To follow
Could it be
They know that I
Can transform to the hokey pokey guy

When I was young
My mama said
Got get sense
Inside your head
Learn to play
But know the rules
I don't think
I've raised a fool


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