Never grow up
Never grow old
Never do what, you are told.
Never get caught
Never tell lies
Till you make sure of your alibis.

Never give up
Never run 'way
Never do what the old folk say.
Never tell tales
Never get sad
You've got so much more than your old Dad.

Never get sick
Never get ill
Never take those no name pills.
Never don't love
Never ever hate
Get your love before its too late.

Always look good
Always act fine
Always remember that you are mine.
Always believe
Always be tough
Cos this one can't love you enough.


New York City
You are so cold
Don't wanna be here
When I'm old

Came to you
So full of schemes
Why did you
Take my dreams

New York City
Ain't gonna soul
New York City
Is mighty cold

When I came
I was so true
Why do you laugh
At what I do

New York City
It got no sky
Need the sunshine
'for I die
Repeat fist verse


No matter what sign you are
I tell you, you are mine you are
But all the signs of the zodiac
Don't help me to get you back

We were born under signs of earth and air
We had a whole life to share
But when my sign was on the rise
I saw the truth through your eyes

I did not know what birth charts meant
I did not know who was ascendant
I only knew that I saw lies
When I looked into your eyes

You always were my special star
A Virgo in a downtown bar
But no matter where you are
I'll search for you both near and far


Verse 1
Cute girl's faces
And empty places
Are mixed up in my head
They served me well
Oh I can tell
Cos I'm not quite dead

Verse 2
Names forget
Forgot the lot
I'd say sorry if I could
Girls pass by
Catch my eye
Did they ever do me good

Verse 3
Too much powder
Music louder
Than I take today
Away from home
But never alone
See how I played

Verse 4
But'' you've come
I ain't so dumb
I'm gonna settle down
Live me a life
With you my wife
In a sleepy little town


Verse 1

I'm gonna sing a song
It won't take long
Now you've gone

Verse 2

He just left me
Oh can't you see
He had to be

Verse 3

Will I ever learn
It's never my turn
I'm always spurned
By you

Verse 4

May shine in the sky
I wonder why
Do I want too


Often the goodie young
We all know they're strong
But death just happened along
Often the good die young

We all know their names
Their lives put us to shame
But did they die in vain
Often the good die young

We all saw them die
But did we ever wonder why
Did we ever stop to try
Often the good die young

We all hope to live
We think that we can give
But do we deserve to live
Often the good die young.


On Monday flies the Swallow
High as heavens doors
But when the cold winds blow
You won't be here no more

On Tuesday flies the Robin
A' knockin' on your door
But when clouds fly o'er the sun
He won't be around no more

On Wednesday flies the Skylark
High up in the sky
But when you turn from me
You won't see him fly

On Thursday flies the Magpie
A clever bird is he
But when you leave our nest
He never can be free

On Friday flies the old Crow
As black as your lies
But I can't see him
For the tears in my eyes

On Saturday flies the Eagle
Soaring high above
I used to think the Eagle
Flew just like my love

On Sunday flies the Vulture
He's come to pick my bones
He's gonna find me easy
Crying in an empty home.


Once knew a girl
Her name was Mo
Loved her just like dynamo.

Once knew a girl
Her name was jean
Loved like a loving machine.

Once knew a girl
Her name was Sue
Never told her what to do.

Once knew a girl
Her name was May
Loved me till the break of day.

Once knew a girl
Her name was Jill
Loved me up and down the hill.

Once knew a girl
Her name was Mary
She knew just how to drive me crazy.

Once knew these girls
But not no more
I got you don't need no more.


If you're sad
If you're blue
Just remember
I love you
If you're down
If you're beat
Lift your eyes
From off the street

One for all
All for one
You for me
You are the one

When you cry
As you will
I'll help you
Yes I will
When you can't
See no light
I'm your lamp
Through the night

Should you fail
Should you fall
I'll be there
To here your call
Should you soar
Should you fly
I'm the one
We'll fly high


Verse 1
One hope
One life
One love
One heart
We join
As one
That' 11 never part
You for me
It's how it's gonna be
Your love has set me free
For all the world to see

Verse 2
Two hearts
Two souls
Two kids
Two dreams
We showed
The world
How good it's been
You with me
Is how it's gonna be
Your love has set me free
For all the world to see

Verse 3
One dream
One heart
One laugh
One figh
We know
We got it
Just watch us fly
You with me
Is how it's gonna be
Your love has set me free
For all the world to see


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