Verse 1
I hear you
I'm near you
I know who you are
I want you
I need you
You will be my star

And it's only for you
I'll come through
Only for you and me
It's only for you
You know it's true
Only for you and me

Verse 2
I see you
I call you
Calling you to me
I hold you
Arms fold you
Bringing you to me

Verse 3
I love you
Dream of you
Dream of you and me
I touch you
I feel you
Love brings you to me


Verse 1
Jack Flash would smoke no grass
His wife was rarely seen
But everywhere that Jackie went
The girls would cry and scream

Verse 2
Simple Simon met that flyman
Going to the sun
Said Simple Simon to that flyman
I think you'd better run

Verse 3
Said the flyman to Simple Simon
Can't you tell me where
I'm a lawyer said Simple Simon
I can't get you there

Verse 4
So Simple Simon and the flyman
Churned over all the cash
Shall we spend it Simon said
'No don't, there's no rush'

Verse 5
We'll hide it all off shore
Where the Feds can't go and play
They don't know there's loads more
So we'll wait til they go away

Verse 6
So they lay in their hammocks two
Til wife and Feds had gone
Will they think of something new
Or will they just drink rum


Verse 1
You've got a hold of my heart
Now we' re not apart
I've made a new start

Verse 2
Your love set me free
I've only just learnt to see
How you looked after me

Verse 3
I'm with you hand in hand
Across the desolate land
I'll cross the burning sand

Verse 4
You give me reason to live
you give me reason to give
You give me life's greatest gift


Verse 1
Just want a good time
Don't wanna winge or whine
With you at my door
I couldn't ask for more
Good times

Verse 2
Just want a good time
Don't want no line
With you all alone
Don't need to go home
For good times

Verse 3
Just want a good time
Just give me a sign
Your hands on my shirt
I ain't no flirt
Give me good times


Verse 1
Let it hurt
Let it bleed
Let it fill my need
Let it come
Let it come
In my hour of need
Let it all come to me
This love that we've found
And I'll take you to a land of our own

Verse 2
Let it shine
Let it fly
High up in the sky
Let it come
Let it come
Taking us so high
Let it all come to us
This love that we've found
And I'll take you to a land of our own


Verse 1
Let it rain
Let it pour
Wash my pain
Out the door
You're not here
Yes you're gone
I see clear
I can't go on

Cos I love only you
Only you will do
Only you can stop the pain
Only you can stop the rain

Verse 2
Let it hail
Let it snow
Blow a gale
You had to go
You went away
Took my sun
What can I say
Now you've gone

Verse 3
Now there's ice
In my heart
Nothing's nice
Now we're apart
Please come back
I miss your song
I'm going to crack
Days are too long


No moon and stars
No Hershey vase
No life on Mars
No souls in jars
No feeling sad
No hurting bad
I need you
It ain't no fad
Like Jesus in a jiffy bag
No purple rain
No heartfelt pain
No breaking strain
No life force gain
No feeling glad
No getting sad
I need you
It ain't no fad

No broken heart
No life apart
No second start
No work of art
No velvet gag
No tears we had
I need you
It ain't no fad
Like Jesus in a jiffy bag


Verse 1
Little girl crying in the pouring rain
Lots of tears and lots of pain
Little girl don't know what to do
In her place you wouldn't too

Verse 2
Little girl knows it didn't go right
Cries and cries right through the night
Little girl knows just what is true
More than me, more than you

Verse 3
Little girl spat on in the yard
Growing up is very hard
Little girl don't know who to tell
Every day another hell

Verse 4
Little girl sits down to cry
Sometimes wishes she could die
Little girl needs you today
Don't pass her by, don't turn away


Verse 1
Your ancestors look down on you
Like guests at your wedding feast
Wonder why you got wed
Know you'll never get no peace
And you walk about
Like a queen without a throne
All I want to do is shout
Cos you're all alone

Verse 2
Spirits look down on you
Like ghosts from your dreams
Stars from your nightmares
Witnesses to your screams
So why did you do it
Why did you go get wed
I'm the one who loves you
I feel like the living dead


On Kensington Gore
On wanted some more
On Parliament Hill
I said I will
Love you
Be true

In the capitals heart
You said never part
In a cul-de-sac
There's no turning back
From you
Be true

In Stockwells estates
You told me my fait
In a London bed
I heard what you said
Just you
Be true

Along from Vauxhall
You took my sole
I a cold river Thames
It came to an end
For you
You weren't true


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