Fall asleep
And dream of me
Dream your dreams
And be set free
Fall asleep
And in my arms
Lie lover lie

Fall asleep
And rest your head
On my arm
And in my bed
Fall asleep
Like lovers do
Lie lover lie

Fall asleep
Till break of day
I am here
And here I stay
Fall asleep
My only love
Lie lover lie


Verse 1
Well I don't know
But I think it's true
You love me
And I love you

Verse 2
Well I'm a boy
Who's been around
Keep my feet
Right on the ground

Verse 3
While you are pretty
And I am strong
You and me
Just get along

Verse 4
Well I'm pretty good
And you're the best
Guess we're going
To beat the rest

Verse 5
Well I don't know
But I think it's true
I am going
To stay with you

Verse 6
Well we've come
To the end of the song
You and me
Keep going strong
You and me
Keep going strong


Verse 1
Maybe I'm crazy
Maybe I'm a fool
I must've been crazy
To treat you so cool

I took what I could take
I never let it go
I made what I could make
And I loved you so

Verse 2
I must've been crazy
I must've been made
Let slip away
The only love I had

Verse 3
I gotta get closer
I gotta get smart
If I'm ever gonna
Win back your heart


Verse 1
Young man walking down a dusty road
Young man carrying a heavy load
Young man fighting all the wars
Young man settles other's scores

Verse 2
Young girl walking off to town
Young girl's pretty mustn't frown
Young girl cries alone in bed
Young girl hurt by what he said

Verse 3
Boys and girls, men and boys
Gotta work, no time for toys
We all work too much for you
Doing things you can't do


Verse 1
Morning star
Morning star
Mornings come
And here you are
Close by me
Best by far
You are to me
My morning star

Verse 2
Morning star
Morning star
Another day
Won't you stay
By my heart
Don't go away
My morning star


Verse 1
My life is like a book
Open on your knee
Only you can learn
About the real me
Page after page
Until you reach the end
Then you will know
I was your best friend

Verse 2
My life is like a painting
Hanging on your wall
Visible to everyone
But meaning hid from all
Only you can show me
See the real me
My life is full of colours
Please take me as you see

Verse 3
My life is like an ocean
Girdling the earth
Stormy and pacific
You can see my worth
Lapping at your feet
Running through your hair
Just say the word
And I'll be there


My little man
My little man
Want to stand does my little man
My little man
My little man
Likes to get out when he can

Verse 1
Took my little man
On a date
Wouldn't sit down
Poked at the gate
I smacked him once
I smacked him twice
But he just smiled cos it felt nice

Verse 2
Took my little man
Away with me
But he keeps
Wanting to be free
Peeking here
Poking there
The girls just point and they stare

Verse 3
Took my little man
Home to bed
Went to sleep
He played dead
But when I woke
I had a fright
Seems he's played all through the night


Verse 1
My mother went to charm school
My daddy went to jail
Man is it any wonder
I was born to fail

Verse 2
The silver spoon got nicked by dad
He sold it for ten quid
Man is it any wonder
I did what I did

Verse 3
The decent house got repossessed
I was brought up in a barn
Man is it any wonder
I did myself some harm

Verse 4
And now that I'm behind bars
I'm happy as can be
Man is it any wonder
I don't wanna get set free


My sister sez
She don't like no boys
My mother sez
She don't like our toys
My father sez
We make too much noise


They're right.
so you.
What you,
Gonna do '

My teacher sez
I'm always late
My girl sez
She two weeks late
My grandad sez
I've taught him how to hate.


My Auntie sez
I'm making her sick
My uncle sez
Get outta here quick
My Grandma sez
I'll end up in the nick.


My friends say
Who gives a stuff
My friends say
We'll never get enough
My friends say
Let's go get rough.


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