Verse 1
I've built a world for you
I heard him say
Just before
He passed away

Verse 2
So I went out
To my school
Learnt to be
Another fool

Verse 3
Got a girl
Acted cool
Now I know
I was a fool

Verse 4
Got a child
Got some work
Well respected
Office clerk

Verse 5
Another child
And then another
Little girls
Just like their mother

Verse 6
Have to work
Too long hours
Never time
To call ours

Verse 7
You got fat
And me too
Lost the job
Nothing to do

Verse 8
Now my child
Listen to me
It's no way
To be free

Verse 9
I tried to build
A world for you
They heard me say
Just before I passed away


Verse 1
If ever mountains reached the sea
If ever hearts were never free
If ever you were took from me
What use would love be

Verse 2
If ever old learned from new
If ever black was took for blue
If ever lies were found as true
What good could love do

Verse 3
If ever the dark should turn to light
If ever black should turn to white
If ever wrong should turn to right
You'd still be perfect in my sight


Verse 1
How can they think
We'll get along
Get along
When we know
They got it wrong
Got it wrong
Can't keep down
Any longer
Cos the feeling's

And we're all here together
And we all know what's right
And we'll all stay together
If it takes all night

Verse 2
Gotta get where we belong
Millions are getting strong
Getting strong
When we win
You'll see it's time
We can't get it
Any wronger
Cos the feeling's


Verse 1
Julia Knows
Just how to pose
Gillian thinks
It's in the drinks
Donna's spies
Tell her such lies

But we all know the facts
They'll stop us in the act
If they can

Verse 2
Jeremy walks
Better than talks
Oliver tries
Not to tell lies
Roger runs
Away from guns


Verse 3
Edward grins
A winner for him
Julie's grace
Is in her face
Malcom's blood
Is no good


Verse 4
Young men fight the wars
Not told of the cause
Young girls cry in bed
Lies ringing in their head
When will we ever gain
Without years of pain



If your love
Could move a mountain
If your love could light the sky
If your love
Could cross an ocean
If your love
Could blind my eye

Then my love
Would come to greet you
At the dawning of the day
The my love
When I saw
I would know what to say

If you're love
Could flood the desert
If your love
Could fly high
If your love
Could light the ice flow
If your love
Would never go

Then our love
Would vault the heavens
Each and every day
Then out love
Would last forever
And begin here today

For our love would rise to great us
And at the dawning of the day
Then our love
When we saw
We would know what to say


Verse 1
In love
We touch the moonlight
In love
We reach the sky
In love
We know we are right
In love
Sometimes we cry

Verse 2
I love
The way you hold me
I love
To catch your eye
I love
To set our souls free
I love
And learn to fly

Verse 3
Our love
Will climb the mountains
Our love
Forever true
Our love
Is like a fountain
My love
I love you


Verse 1
Guys come, but they don't stay
Say they ain't got time
But boys what you're missing
Cos boys I'm in my prime

Verse 2
Time there was, there was a time
I always had a go
Day and night, any time
The sun went round so slow

Verse 3
Now they say I'm past my best
And anyone will do
Work, sleep, dress, undress
What I need is you

Verse 4
Hold me tight, through the night
Never let me go
I ain't gonna scream and fight
Guess you'll always know


Verse 1
It came to me
In the night
I dreamt a dream of you
I could see
In the night
The loveliness of you

Verse 2
It came to me
In a dream
So short and sweet
I could see
In my dream
That you and I would meet

Verse 3
I lay awake
My eyes were wide
I knew it would be true
I could see
You couldn't hide
I was made for you


Well it seems to me
We're young and free
So drop your toils
Come with me
Come with me
Come with me
Come with me, and be free

Verse 1
Too many nights
Too many days
Never thought
I'd get away
Gonna run
Till I drop
Till I find her
I'll never stop

Verse 2
When I find you
I'll know your voice
Carry it through
I've got no choice
Search for you
High and low
When I find you
I'll never go


Verse 1
It's 6 o'clock
And dawn has broke
I see your pillow
My heart just chokes

Verse 2
It's 8 o'clock
And you're not here
I see your place
I cry a tear

Verse 3
It's 10 o'clock
'n I can't call you
You are gone but
It don't seem true

Verse 4
It's 12 o'clock
And I stopped to eat
No surprises
No more treats

Verse 5
It's 2 o'clock
And the day is dragging
You're not here and
Tongues are wagging

Verse 6
It's 4 o'clock
'n I can't think right
Keep on dreading
The loveless night

Verse 7
It's 6 o'clock
And I got home
No messages
On the phone

Verse 8
It's 8 o'clock
And I wanna go out
Got a need to see you
Gotta sort it out


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