Verse 1
And when you told me
That you knew my name
I knew
I would
Never be the same

Verse 2
We travelled around
On a London bus
Top floor
At the front
That's the place for us

Verse 3
When dark fell
We'd no place to go
You held me
Said you'd never let go

Verse 4
Up and down
Rain drenched roads
You whispered
To me
Helped take off my load

Verse 5
Through Stockwell
And through Brixton
Walking to the south
Your lips to my mouth

Verse 6
Please help me
I just need you
Close to me
And I love you to eternity


Verse 1
I can feel you
Angel of my morning
Staring softly here by me
Watch you waking
Welcoming the dawning
Help me struggle
To be free

Will you stay with me
Is all that I want
Will you be beside me
Will you stay with me
You're all that I need
Will you stand beside me

Verse 2
How I love you
Angel of the morning
Change my life all along
Stay right with me
Listen to me calling
Hear the words
Of this song



Verse 1
Angela's ashes
Scattered for me
Damp in the sunshine
She'll never see

Verse 2
Long were the hard days
Short were the fair
Never a childsplay
Back then and there

Verse 3
Some nights she
Comes to me
But only a scared child
Can I see

Verse 4
Oh sweet sight
The child of my heart
Take me with you
We'll never part


Verse 1
When the dark comes around
To see what it's found
And all the loving is dead
You stayed below
Another hero
And let me go instead

Verse 2
When the pain and the fear
Push you too near
To the edge at the end of time
Don't take that step
It ain't over yet
Let the pain be mine

Verse 3
When you're on the right road
Let me carry your load
Don't fail on the last bend
Give your soul to me
Christ can't you see
I just wanna be your friend


Verse 1
If only I could feel you
If only I could heal you
If only I could hold you in my arms
If only I could be
What you want to be
We'd have another kind of love

Verse 2
If maybe you would hold me
Let your arms enfold me
If only you would care
If only you would hear me
If only you would cheer me
We'd have another kind of love

Verse 3
If only we were lovers
If there were no others
If you would learn to live with me
Then all the world could see
That when you're here with me
We've got another kind of love


Verse 1
When we walked into the sunset
I thought that it was clear
You and I together
Stronger every year
But I was only dreaming
Trying to fool myself
You kept on scheming
You got somebody else
Things ain't always as they seem
When you walk the boulevard of shattered dreams

Verse 2
You said when I left home
You'd always be at hand
But you never told me
'Bout Never Never land
I spread by dreams before you
Like a carpet on the way
You walked like you always knew
You'd walk on me one day
Things ain't always as they seem
When you walk the boulevard of shattered dreams


Verse 1
I walked on past you
Never stopped to see
Never saw the painful eyes
Looking up at me
Never saw the bodies
Huddled in the rain
Never saw my brothers
Crying in their pain

We need to cross that river
We need to forge that stream
Span that ocean
Live our dreams
We need to learn 'bout giving
To learn to play
We need to learn that loving
Can never go away

Verse 2
I've lived my life
Behind my own eyes
Never really seeing
Living alibis
Now that I've found you
I'll never let you go
You and I are one
And I love you so


Stay with me
My morning star
Stay with me
Til dawn
This special day
In every way
Keep my love warm

Verse 1
Each Christmas
I say my prayer
Let her always be there
Each Christmas
I send my plea
Please let it always be me,

Verse 2
Remember kids
And how they laugh
Echo round the house
See their faces
Hear their cries
Keeping sadness out

Verse 3
For I know
What it is to be
Alone for all to see
Please don't let
It be me
Crying by the Christmas tree


Verse 1
City child
Never knew no loving
Day by day
Hope slipping away
Got your looks
How long will you keep them
Too many bad nights
Too many bad days

Verse 2
All too soon
The sun will find you
Gone to fast
Life slipping away
Got your life
But long to keep it
Save your tears
For the day

Verse 3
Need not be so
Your future ain't written
See the sun
So high in the sky
Your last chance
Is ringing your doorbell
Don't answer that call
Or you gonna die


Verse 1
It's 10 o'clock
And you're not here
Find it all
So hard to bear

Verse 2
It's 12 o'clock
I'm going home
Lie in my bed
All alone

Verse 3
It's 2 o'clock
And I can't sleep
Can't keep her
I wanna keep

Verse 4
It's 4 o'clock
And I'm still waiting
Round my head
Your thirst is chasing

Verse 5
It's morning time
And you're not home
And I just cry
Alone at home

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