Verse 1
So you sent to school
Another day
Another day
Just passed away
No big deal
No great fuss
But I ain't
'One of us'

Another deal
Another day
More of life
Just slips away
What I want
No great fuss
Ain't to be
'One of us'

Verse 2
So you're getting
Really tall
Another brick
Another wall
Another mile
On the track
When I go
Ain't coming back
No big deal
No big fuss
Cos I ain't
'One of us'


Only one lover
I've only one lover
Only one lover
I love Her/Him like no other
Only one lover
I don't want another
Only one lover
I've only one lover

Only one lover
And he's/she's gonna suffer
Why must he/she suffer
Or why must he/she suffer
Only one lover
Don't want no other
Only one lover
Only one lover


Only you
Can turn the night time into day
Only you
Can chase the blues away
Only you
Bring sun into my eyes
Only you
Never tell me lies

Only you
Bring a brighter day
Only you
Drive the fears away
Only you
Laughing by the fire
Only you
Can take loving higher

Only you
Will spend my life with me
Only you
Your loving sets us free
Only you
My first and my last
Only you
Take the fears of the past.


Open up your doors to me
Open up your heart
Open up your life to me
Let's make a new start

Verse 1
Saw you once
Saw you twice
Could only stand and look
But I knew
In a trice
You'd got what it took

Verse 2
See you now
Every day
See you every night
Can't believe
You're here to stay
You know it's alright


Our love
Slowly growin bolder
Our love
Never gonna die
Our love
Never gonna falter
I know
When I look in your eye

Only six weeks
Since first I saw you
Kiss on the cheek
Was all I could do
Had no words
I was lust tongue tied
But you know
I couldn't lie

You let me stay
In week two
Nightime play
Lit up just by you

In week four
You were movin in
Lock the door
It isn't a sin.

Now days
Are filled with sunshine
Life's haze
Gone now you're mine.


Verse 1
Over under sideways down
This is how you get around
Kneeling, crawling on the floor
Every time you need some more

Oh won't you see
What your life is doing to me
Oh can't you tell
Your taking us both to hell

Verse 2
Over under sideways straight
This is how I grew to hate
Angel dust in the air
Makes me feel like I don't care

Verse 3
Over under till the end
This stuff us only my friend
I won't know any peace
Till I'm planted 'neath the trees

Verse 4
Over under side by side
Come we'll take on more ride
One last time with my friend
Watch the sunset till the end


Verse 1
Party on the floor
Party in the air
Party on the lawn
We'll party everywhere

Let' s party, party, party
Let's party, party, party
All night long
Keep going strong
Party, Party, Party
Party, Party, Party

Verse 2
Party on the bed
Party in the hall
Party in the kitchen
We' re gonna have a ball

Verse 3
Party on the stairs
Party'neath the stars
Party in the closet
Can't go too far


Verse 1
A pathway of flowers
Bleeds to your door
I used to count the hours
Now they are all yours

Verse 2
A railway of rainbows
Leads to your heart
And so my love goes
We never will part

Verse 3
A highway of stars
Leads to your soul
These happy days are ours
I treasure them all

Verse 4
A river of laughter
Leads to your bed
I won't leave you after
Hear the words I said


Play that song
for me
Play that song
The one that sets
me free
Play it once

Take me 'way
Take me way from here
Take rue to a better place
Keep me from the fear
Let me see her face

Play another song
Play for me again
I will forget she's gone
I won't cry in vain

Sing another song
Sing for me again
Make it extra long
Help it hide the pain

She's nearly six weeks gone
And I can't stand the pain
The nights are all too long
So play that song again


Que sera, sera
Whatever will be
Will be
The future's not ours
To see
Que sera, sera

Verse 1
When I was just a little girl/boy
I asked my momma
What would I be
Would I be pretty
Would I be rich
Here's what she said to me


Verse 2
Will you shut
Your stupid face
What do I care
What you will be
If you fell from
An aeroplane
It's all the same
To me

Verse 3
You always were
A little wimp
Why don't you go
Play with your sheep
Maybe they'll like
Your brand of whit
Why don't you go
And see

Verse 4
Que sera, sera
I am so hap
My mother
Sure loved me
Que sera, sera


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