I see it comin'
Through the mist and the rain
I know it's growin'
Soon be hear again
The first time I saw you
I knew you were the one
Knew what I had to do
Couldn't take too long


'Cos I need you
'Cos I want you
'Cos I need to fell your love
How I need you
How I want you
You're inside my blood

I know that you love me
See it in your eyes
Love the way you kiss me
Never tell no lies
Say we'll be together
Through the stormy days
Together forever
I'll gaze into your face


Verse 1
Going down theroad
Doing 'bout 95
Don't know whereI'm going
But I'm glad I'm alive
Radio's playing and
I got no place to be
All night long
Pounding down the I
Never gonna stop
Never gonna ask why

And it's oh so easy
And it's oh so fast
Who said this type of fun
Was never gonna last

Verse 2
Down the road
Going like a train
Never gonna come
To this town again
You won't see me
Gotta get along
Another empty bottle
Party all night long
So won't you join me
On my moving track
Won't you help join me
Cos I ain't coming back


When I see you
On the corner
My heart just skips a beat
But I try
To ignore you
My eyes can't help but cheat


All it took was a little kiss
Deep into the soul
Never thought I'd feel like this
But you give me it all

When you're near me
In the hall way
I try not to stare
But I do
And you see me dandle
Standing there

But we mustn't
Let them know
We share a bed
Let them think
You don't like me
I want my friend instead

How much longer
Can we hide
The love we've known
Can I tell them
Tell soon
How our love has grown


A poke (pork) in the park
A lark in the dark
That's all I am to you
A fumble and rumble
My will will crumble
Do what you have to do

Verse 1
You never take me anywhere
You never take me home
You think that I'm going nowhere
You like to be alone

Verse 2
Well I'm gonna tell you
Show you how it is
If you ain't gonna be true
You'll get the Judas kiss

Verse 3
Time's just like gold
You've gotta know
I'm getting old
Need a man before I go
But you you're just a toad


Verse 1
Overheard your best friend telling
Telling things about you
And I just kept on listening
Every word rang through
I heard my name mentioned
It was all true
What were your intentions
What did I mean to you

Days, months, they pass me by
And all I can do is cry
About you
About you

Verse 2
I stayed so quiet
I listened to stories
What was it the words meant
Where were the glories
The boy that I heard of
Just couldn't be rue
I couldn't move off
Just couldn't break free

Verse 3
You never did love me
You never did care
You always deceived me
It just wasn't fair
The tears and the heartache
Are just called away
Can't take the heartbreak
For one more day


Verse 1
All over the world
People writing songs
All over the world
People writing wrongs
All over for us
You just would not stay
All over for us
Not for one more day

Verse 2
All over my heart
Is written your name
All over my heart
Every day the same
All over for me
Since you closed the door
All over for me
What's my life for


Verse 1
All the days of my life
I'll keep searching
Searching for you
While I'm crying
It's nothing new
I feel like dying

Verse 2
All the days of my life
Lost and lonely
And I need you
I need you only
You know it's true
I need you by me

Verse 3
All the days that we shared
Days of glory
And I knew you cared
You knew you cared
You knew our story
Wht did you have to go
Slip through the night time
How could I ever know
There is no right time

Verse 4
All the days of my life
I'll keep searching
Searching for you
While I'm crying
It's nothing new
I feel like dying


Verse 1
All the golden futures
All the golden hours
I see it in your features
None will be ours

Verse 2
And so I see the truth
Drifting through your hands
Wasted burnt out youth
You got another man

Verse 3
You could have told me sooner
I could have used my eyes
You never spoke a word
I ate up all your lies

Verse 4
Now time stretches out
On a never ending spool
Now they all can shout
I was just your fool


Verse 1
Every night I dream of wealth and fame
But I know you don't know my name
So whilst I watch the world go by
I just can't look you in the eye
I guess my life is stuck in bottom gear
But I can't seem to break away from here

All the nights that are so long
All the times I'm not strong
How can I hope to carry on
When I know that you have gone

Verse 2
Every day I walk the city streets
I hope one day we're gonna meet
And when we meet you'll see the real me
But I know only you can set me free
I guess my life is stuck in bottom gear
But I can't seem to break away from here


And it was all so easy
When we were just nineteen
You always tried to please me
Life was just a dream

Verse 1
Why did I have to see you
Walking through the crowd
So many days and empty nights
Couldn't talk out loud
You turned your head to see me
How could it be true
Of all the eyes in the square
My eyes looked on you
My heart stood still that second
I couldn't believe it was true
I never could have realised
I still love only you

Verse 2
And now the future's changing
Right before my eyes
My hopes, dreams, plans and schemes
Seem like children's lies
I never didn't love you
And I love you still
Wherever you go through rain or snow
I'll never get my fill
Your eyes, your lips, your nose, your hair
I long for their sight
Wherever you go
I'll be there we both know it's right

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