Verse 1
Sigismond the parrot
Felt he knew it all
From his lofty perch
The people looked so small
How could they
The parrot thought
Work so very hard
Just for seed they fought
So Sigismond began to talk
Of things that he knew
Of cuttlefish and banana peel
And how he'd never flew
And as he spoke
He got so mad
He beat his owners nose
Now Sigismond sits alone aloof
Stuffed in his repose


Gotta get some
Single action!
To help me through the night
Gotta get some
Single action!
Gotta do what's right
Can't stay down
For too long now
Gotta get away
Gotta go now
Can't stay still
Gotta go and live
You know I
Gotta lot to give

I need your body
I need your love
Gotta get more
Can't get enough
Feel your skin
Against my chest
Stay with me
And you'll get the best


At three o'clock I remember
In that dark and lonely time
The people who travelled
On my life's mainline,
Many now have gone away
Their faces like pointing signs
That'll never see the day.

In the early hours
I remember places,
Some around but others gone
Fading with old friends faces
Helping hands that suffered long'
And kindness spat in their faces
Was I their only son'

Before the dawn I hear there voices
Talking to me from the shadows
I'll tell them that I had no choices
Where others went I just followed
Help me beat the nights cold forces
If you lead I will follow.


I can see your smiles for miles
I can see your smile'..for''miles

I don't know who or where you come from
I only know that you are mine
I don't know how on earth it happened
I'll be with you for all time.

Never known someone to happy
As when I'm with you
When I look in the mirror
I see I'm happy to.

I can't help smiling when I see you
I can't keep a solemn face
It's because it's so much better
Since I saw your smiling face



Verse 1
I've walked the streets for many years
Lived a life of pain and tears
Got no time for smiles or fears
I need to get it through
So what am I to you'

Verse 2
I've been up and I've been down
I've played the fool, I've been a clown
I've had my shame and played around
But I need to get through
So what am I to you'

Verse 3
God won't you help me now
I just seem to be going down
I've been beat, I'm on the ground
But I got to get through
So what am I to you'

Verse 4
I get too scared to call a stop
This little game is all I got
All I need's a little slot
To help me to get through
So what am I to you'


Verse 1
Sometimes yes
Sometimes no
Sometimes stop
Sometimes go
I don't know
Where I am with you
Better shape up
Or we're through

Verse 2
Sometimes you
Sometimes me
Sometimes non
Sometimes oui
I don't know
Where I am with you
Better shape up
Or we're through

Verse 3
Sometimes you won't
Sometimes you will
Sometimes a drag
Sometimes thrill
I don't know
Where I am with you
Better shape up
Or we're through

Verse 4
Sometimes sweet
Sometimes sad
Sometimes good
Sometimes bad
Guess I know
Where I am with you
You and me
Yes we' re through


Verse 1
Sometimes I dream of
Far off lands
Golden girls
Golden sands
Sometimes I dream of
You and me
Setting out
A world to see

All I need
Is a second chance
A second try
At love's long dance

Verse 2
Sometimes I dream
And when I dream
I dream of you
My young queen
Sometimes I dream
Don't want to rise
Till the sun
Is on your eyes


Verse 1
I could tell you what you see
I could tell you who you are
You're the one who left me
When you became a star

Verse 2
You used to follow me around
You used to be my lover
I'm the one left behind
While you were with another

Verse 3
I used to know who you were
I used to be your friend
You never used to treat me fair
So this is how it ends

Verse 4
One day you'll remember me
You'll miss the love we shared
And on that day I'll be free
I'll say I never cared


Verse 1
Stay with me
Say you're mine
I need to see
A little sign
Sit with me
On the grass
Hold the day
Make it last

Verse 2
Walk with me
To the top
Don't hang back
Don't ever stop
Take my arm
Take my heart
Hold me tight
We'll never part

Verse 3
Rest a while
Watch the day
See the clouds
Pass away
Hold me now
Hold me tight
Don't let go
Through the night


You've got a beautiful body,
You've got beautiful hair,
I want to make you my hobby,
If you really care.

Saw you walking towards me,
You looked so fine,
Knew I needed you close to me,
Knew you were gonna be mine.

Got you to dance close to me,
Walked you home,
Told you I was gonna be
Calling on your 'phone.

I walk so proud with you,
On the street,
Don't know where we're goin,
But it's gonna be sweet.


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